About us

Who Are We?

You can read our story here and find out how we got to where we are today:

Truly Charming was launched in 2011. Our vision was to sell beautiful classic & on trend charm bracelets, necklaces, lockets, earrings & other truly lovely jewellery at affordable prices and we are pleased to say we have achieved that! We cater for all ages and budgets, whether you love to be bang on trend or a classic look is more your style.

We are a small Husband and Wife led team, working hard to bring you Truly Charming jewellery. Behind the scenes we are all busy working away, filling orders, designing new products and drinking lots of tea and coffee! We pride ourselves on great team work, and putting the customer at the heart of all business decisions, you can meet the core members below.


The so called ‘Boss’, but clearly outnumbered by all his female colleagues! Matt is making sure our products are looking their best online, occasionally threatening computers to work, fiddling with engraving machines, 3D printers and generally hiding away in his corner – he is definitely the geek of the office!


Designer, researcher and partial to a Smirnoff or two ;-) Rach keeps track of the latest jewellery trends and what our customers want. Her desk (affectionately known as Aladdin’s Cave) is always covered in charms, necklaces and bracelets, as she is busy developing our next best seller and of course jewellery you will truly love!


Chief organiser and Costa Coffee lover!!!! She ties up all the loose ends. Amy always makes sure staff are kept busy, our customers are happy and that the office is running smoothly. Outside of work Amy can be found spending quality time with her loving family, meeting up with friends for coffee or partying at an Ed Sheeran concert!


Jess joined us in the last half of 2017. We advertised for an Office Junior but we got more than we bargained for! She runs our warehouse with military precision and it turns out she has an amazing talent for design. When she's not engraving or designing you can find her in the mosh pit of a Foo Fighters gig, chilling with some cross stitch or Geo-caching around the New Forest!


Lucie is our buyer and distribution goddess! She makes sure that Truly Charming have what they need to consistently keep producing gorgeous products and then she makes sure they get to wherever they need to be around the world! Lucie loves a spreadsheet and is super organised. When she's not in the office, you can find her kite-surfing on the Solent or running a marathon or two of a weekend.


Mandy is the latest addition to the Truly Charming Team, heading up the administration side of things. She keeps an eye on the orders, speaks to our customers and delivers excellent customer service. She's a great one for multi-tasking - not surprising since she has 3 girls, a dog and a husband at home - talk about transferable skills!


Kate is our Knight in designer Armour! She comes in 2 days a week and takes care of photography, hand finishes our products and helps out with new product development. In her past life (before children), she has been an interior designer, wedding photographer and upcycle furniture specialist. There's not a lot Kate doesn't know about making something look good! She keeps Jess company in the warehouse and can often be heard singing throughout the building.


Katie otherwise known as Percy is the youngest member of the crew. she joined us on a gap year between college and uni a couple of years ago and we liked her so much that we make her come back every holiday. She is a jack of all trades, you name it designing, engraving, stuffing envelopes, Percy can do it all and with a great big smile on her face too!